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Help with medical expenses for Medicare beneficiaries who have limited income & assets. Seven County Senior Federation is an affiliate of GMHCC (Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition).

What is Senior Partners Care?

Senior Partners Care (SPC) is a community service program of the Seven County Senior Federation in collaboration with local health care providers. The purpose of the program is to help people who are of low-to-modest incomes afford Medicare health services by limiting their exposure to its 20% copayments and its deductibles.

The Seven County Senior Federation certifies eligibility for Senior Partners Care and issues an SPC card indicating enrollment for a twelve month period. Participating providers (clinics and hospitals in the counties of Aitkin, Carlton, Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Mille Lacs & Pine counties) agree to consider waiving Medicare’s out-of-pocket charges for current SPC enrollees.


Eligibility for SPC

Enrollees need to have both Part A and Part B of Medicare (also known as Original Medicare) but no additional Medicare health insurance coverage for doctor or hospital services.

Enrollees also need to meet current household income & asset guidelines.*  The income limit for 2017 is $2,010 per month for an individual; $2,707 for a married couple.  The asset limit for either a single person or a couple is $49,200 (excludes your home, one car & the personal property of the household). 

*Guidelines change annually and reflect  200% of federal poverty guidelines.

Are there any limitations or things I should be aware of with Senior Partners Care?
When you are cared for by a provider who does not participate in Senior Partners Care, you will be responsible for the Medicare copayments and/or the deductible. Keep in mind that:

  • It is only “good” at providers who have agreed to participate in the Senior Partners Care program. Not all local physicians, clinics or hospitals participate, and they do so voluntarily.
  • SPC is not a payer of bills, nor do we guarantee payment. SPC is simply an agreement we have with the provider to consider waiving your Medicare coinsurance and deductibles.
  • SPC only applies to Medicare-covered services. If Medicare does not cover the treatment or item you receive, you will be responsible for the balance. Examples include dental care, eyeglasses, refraction and hearing aids.

Are there any fees associated with SPC? Annual membership in the Seven County Senior Federation is $20 for an individual, $35 for households of two; SPC has an additional $15 annual administrative fee, per person. Enrollees in SPC who choose not to join the Seven County Senior Federation are subject to a $40 SPC admin fee, per person, per year.

How can I enroll in Senior Partners Care? Senior Partners Care is administered through the Seven County Senior Federation. Call us during our regular office hours, 8 am to 4:30 pm, Mon. - Fri. Ask for a packet containing an SPC application form and a Federation membership application.

To apply for SPC, you will need to provide your annual Social Security statement as well as current financial information (attach recent copies) to the SPC application form to confirm your income/asset eligibility. The SPC application form will also ask you to indicate which Seven County area hospitals and clinics you typically utilize for your health care.


Remember: Senior Partners Care is NOT health insurance.

Should I drop my current private insurance coverage for Senior Partners Care?
Not necessarily! Before making such an important move, do consider the following facts:

  • In exchange for a monthly premium, your current plan may cover additional services that SPC might not, such as ambulance care, eye care, dental care, medical supplies or Part D outpatient prescription drugs.
  • Your current plan may give you much better coverage when and if you travel. SPC is unique to Minnesota. You may then be responsible for all Medicare copayments & deductibles incurred elsewhere when seeing out-of-state or out-of-region providers.
  • Not all local health care providers participate in the SPC program. The number of providers with whom we have a SPC agreement is much smaller than that of an HMO network or a universal Medicare supplemental policy.
  • Once you leave them, certain private plans do not welcome you back if you change your mind. It’s a one-way door. This is particularly true of a Medicare supplement policy or a retiree group insurance policy.

If you can afford to keep your current plan and are generally satisfied with your coverage and care, we would encourage you to remain with it.

Can I have Senior Partners Care and have a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan?
Yes. You may enroll in a stand-alone Part D plan alongside SPC to help cover outpatient prescription drugs. You may even qualify for Extra Help with Part D, based upon your income and assets.

Think this program may be right for you?
Call the Seven County Senior Federation office for an SPC application, at 1-866-679-4700. Then gather the recent statements to attach to the application that prove your household’s income or liquid assets, like those listed below:


Documents for the SPC application:

  • Annual Social Security statements (New Benefit Amounts)
  • Savings/checking statements*
  • Pension statements*
  • Pay stubs, if any*
  • Life insurance (cash value)*

*Dated from the last thirty (30) days

Regional Partners

Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency, Inc. (AEOA)


      - serving SPC clients living in Itasca, Koochiching & northern St. Louis counties

Central Minnesota Senior Federation*


      - serving SPC clients living in Benton, McLeod, Meeker, Morrison, Sherburne, Stearns, Todd & Wright counties

Minnesota Citizens Federation NE*


      - serving SPC clients living in Cook, Lake, northern Carlton, & southern St. Louis counties (& Douglas county, WI)

Senior Community Services (SCS)


        - serving SPC clients living in Twin Cities metro & all other MN counties not listed in other regions

*Member of the Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition (GMHCC), a coalition of three regions

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