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Together we serve as a resource on aging with the experience you can trust. 

The older you get, the smarter we look!


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Why should an individual join the Seven County Senior Federation? Why not?

  1. $20 gets an individual a 12-month membership OR $35 for a household of two
  2. Our Echoes newspaperimage is delivered to our members 6x per year
  3. Our SCSF membership card gets you valuable discounts at local dentists, attorneys and One More Time stores
  4. Our SCSF membership card gets you discounted services
  5. Members residing outside of east central Minnesotaimage are our "Members at Large" and we appreciate their support!
  6. Members under age 50 are our Auxiliary Members and we appreciate their support!
  7. An SCSF membership is included in the application fee to the Medicare Partners program (formerly "Senior Partners Care")
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